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Alta Kraina – your personal guide on Ukrainian Berry and Fruits market. Since 2008 we’ve been supplying juice concentrates, fruits purees, IQF and freeze-dry all over the world.
We supply exactly what you need
Supply with passion!
The range of our product is increasing every year, and now it includes:
Frozen wild berries:
- blueberry,
- blackberry,
- elderberry,
- lingonberry,
- cranberry,
- rose-hip
Frozen cultivated berries:
- raspberry,
- strawberry,
- sour cherry,
- aronia,
- black and red currant
Apple and Berry juice concentrates and purees
Organic and Conventional. Including Kosher and NOP Organic.
Apple, Elderberry, Raspberry, Sour Cherry, Strawberry
Freeze-dry berry and powder
Wild Blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, cherry tomatoes, herbs and many others
Whole, slices, pieces and powder
We have been working in the food industry for more than 15 years.
Throughout the years of our work we have amassed a large base of clients and suppliers – hundreds of contacts all over the globe. We know all our partners personally and are skilled and experienced on the specific business of each client maintaining trustworthy partnership relations and exclusive terms.
Together we are improving products, production processes, storage and delivery, logistics and pricing, quality guarantees, and adapting the standards and rules to our market.
You receive berries from environmentally friendly regions of Ukraine, free from pesticides, heavy metals, radiation and with Organic Certification. All of the product is produced in accordance with FSSC, BRC and other country regulations.
Making purchasing easy and helpful
Working with us, you will experience the values that are important to our company:
To develop talents and new opportunities for each of us through constant learning and communication.
To build long-lasting relations by fulfilling our promises and exceeding expectations.
We take it personal
Whatever we do, we do it with passion and pride. It’s all about personalities, comfort and professionalism for us.
Just another way to cooperate
Every day our friendly and professional team focuses on:
Traceability control of the whole supply chain: from the moment of growth to the delivery to a final client.

Ensuring quality and responsibility for all the products we supply

Finding the best sources of supply in order to save your time and reduce the risks

We work through 4 continents, 40 countries and more than 100 clients
From the very first steps in business I followed one basic rule:

If you aim, the same as us, to the sky – Alta Kraina is and will be the right choice!

“If you get down to business – do it to the best of your ability”
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